Using NFTs in a way you’d have never imagined

Leading Web3.0 & blockchain marketing solutions company. Artay provides tailor-made marketing solutions for companies and artists across industries, specialising in applying new-world technology such as Web3.0 & blockchain applications like NFTs and smart contracts to boost businesses’ and artists’ branding and sales efficiency.

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What we do

Through our services, we offer transparent, cost-effective, and practical solutions designed to add value to the activities of our clients. To this end, we design and structure our services to address the needs of our clients willing to tap into the opportunities of the Web3.0 for their benefit of their businesses.

Our services comprise high level Creative Consultancies, Marketing Strategy Development, Creative Production, and ongoing Maintenance and Post-Implemention.

Step.1 - Creative Consultancy

- Brand identity, positioning, and strategy
- Development of a coherent visual language across platforms and communication channels
- Support to artist and graphic designers to maximise exposure in the Web3.0

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Artay’s Creative Cconsultancy services are designed to adapt to different needs and clients, from startups looking for a more captivating image to established companies willing to affirm their presence in the Web3.0. These services start with a thorough business analysis and a review of existing approaches and needs to identify the most suitable marketing strategy. Working closely with our clients, we have gained experience in supporting seasoned teams of creatives as well as local artists to develop and launch new brands and products or to refresh existing image.

Step.2 - Marketing Strategy Development

- Website design and structure
- Social media strategy
- Structured marketing campaigns with KPI system to mange direction

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Having in view the continuous growth and expansion of Web3.0, Artay’s Marketing Strategy Development aims to support the development of blockchain applications within a coordinated and coherent marketing strategy. To reach out the targeted audience and establish active virtual communities, we strategically structure a marketing plan. Key performance indicators (KPI) and identified timeframe are implemented to ensure effectiveness and adaptability.

Step.3 - Creative Production

- Graphic design and creative engineering
- Content creations and management
- Copywriting

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Artay’s Creative Production focuses on executing a cohesive marketing strategy. In line with each client’s unique creative identity, we offer back-end and front-end support from the generation of new and original graphic design and technological solutions to marketing activities to support sales. As we propose Web3.0 applications, our team can implement and integrate blockchain-based solutions with a range of services, including websites, social media as well as physical experiences and activities.

Step.4 -  Maintenance and Post-implementation

- Maintenance
- Ongoing review and feedback
- Long term strategy planning/ system

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Artay’s Maintenance and Post-implementation services aims at providing continuous support. Marketing strategies and their implementation are reviewed and adapted to maximise their effectiveness and alignment with the desired objectives. Our clients will have direct control over communication channels and on their Web3.0 presence, while our team will maintain operations and ensure that results are achieved within a long-term strategy.