MyStory_Simon Birch NFT, priced at 1 million USD

With only one NFT in the world available, the receiver will have the following:

1. The 1 of 1 ‘MyStory_SimonbirchNFT” NFT (Complimentary technical support regarding the transaction will be provided)

2. A physical print of the artwork “MyStory_SimonbirchNFT” will be gifted to the receiver
(Note: the standard print size is 1.5m x 1.2m, however the size of print may be adjusted to the receiver's preferences)

3. VIP status for the 14th factory show which includes future private invite-only events, NFT launching events, private exhibition visit and early private offerings of future art sales

4. One special physical oil canvas painting from the collection of the NFT.

5. One print of each individual work from the NFT

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Simon Birch

"My Story" - Simon Birch

24 years ago, Simon Birch found himself both a home and a gallery in Hong Kong, thus beginning the exploration of his new life in the city that inspired him as an artist. The next 24 years Simon spent creating a home for himself and developing his style as an artist in this unique neon city is showcased through a collection of 24 paintings. Each piece emotively depicts a chapter of his life and shares how his inspiration and understanding of the human experience has evolved throughout this time.
For Simon, the purest way to explore the human experience is through the use of the human form. In his eyes, the simplest movement or change in body language can convey raw emotion without the need for words. This exploration of movement is clear in Simon's story and illustrates the beauty and pain of life that leads to the necessary evolution of the self.
The people in Simon's life have helped shaped his self-evolution as well as the values and beliefs he now holds. His love and passion for art are interwoven with the love he has for the people in his life, along with the role he has played in the lives of others. With that, Simon found a way to stay true to his love for those close to him through the use of the human form in his art.

As "My Story" progresses from one chapter to the next, Simon's portrayal of the human form and its movement transform drastically. The softer lines and blended colours become harsher and sharper as the story flows. Then, as it moves into its conclusion, Simon's more legible portrayal of the human body also draws to an end. The familiar curvature that the viewer is accustomed to associating with the human body becomes rigid and distorted, thus symbolising the increasing complexity of life as it we move through it and battle to find beauty in its challenges.

24年前, Simon Birch 找到了名為香港的新家。 在這裏24年的人生經歷, 各樣情感、 成長、 得著和轉變, 都被傾盤注入了這25年來的藝術作品當中。閱讀這些作品,你會發現呈現了Simon 24年來人生不同的章節,造就出獨一無二的他。

人類體態與生俱來的純粹, 是最能夠展示Simon情感和創作意念的媒介。身體每次的律動都訴說了不一樣的情感, 配對相感的色彩,都能展現當刻的生命。「人」是Simon 人生中不可或缺的元素。 人與人之間的情懷與經歷造就了今天的Simon。 故亦只有「人」純粹的體態, 才能呈現出Simon的熱情與藝術。

作品—《我的故事》, 由簡單、明了的構圖循序漸進化成複雜、抽象的意念。 就像一個懵懂的青年在迷途中一直探索,覺醒成長, 最終破繭化蝶。 請您細心品味, Simon 一路走來的人生故事。

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The 14th factory is a monumental, multiple-media, socially engaged art and documentary experience conceived by the Hong Kong-based British artist Simon Birch. Also, the 14th Factory Foundation is an independent, non‐profit global artist collective whose mission is to create large‐scale contemporary art experiences that act as vehicles for social impact.

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